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LED Rainbow Shower Head

Bring a Whole New Experience In Your Bathroom!

rainbow shower head

This LED Rainbow Shower Head is going viral for a reason! Experience the new sensation of taking a colorful shower

Perfectly safe, because it's using water pressure as the source of energy and operates without electricity.


Bring the Fun: 
LED lights change color turning frequent showers into stimulating fun for your entire family. Create a romantic atmosphere! A colorful light array can be vast for the perfect mood with a particular person in your life.

Color-Changing Automatically: 
7 changing colors are displayed circularly and gradually when water flow.

No Electricity or Batteries Needed:
 Self-powered by water pressure only. Makes it more efficient and safer to use.

Convenient and Durable:
 ABS durable material with a subtle screw. Easy to install by yourself and fits all standard connectors.

rainbow shower lights