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LED Party Crystal Ball

This is the ultimate crystal ball that you need for your house parties! 

Just replace the regular boring light bulb with our LED Party Crystal Ball, and dimming the rest of the light, you can get a colorful kaleidoscope on a dark background.

You'll get the effect of a multi-colored, spinning disco ball anywhere in your house or event space. Design for disco, ballroom, dance floor, KTV, bar, DJ stage, club, all kinds of parties etc. 

Bring the party to you with the LED Party Crystal BallHave fun and save energy at the same time! 


  • -RGB LED crystal ball rotating stage light for indoor use 

  • - Colorful and amazing lighting effect which rotate automatically 

  • - Color selection, brightness dimming and rotation speed can be adjusted

  • - Long working life; Lighting range 40 square meters 

  • - Great for use in discos, clubs, DJs, KTV, pubs, bars, banquets, weddings, family parties, etc 



  • Operational Modes: Auto, voice-activated and DMX512 Control 

  • Lighting Effects: Strobe effects; red, green and blue three colors change. 

  • Control rotation speed, colors and strobe through Remote control or voice control 

  • Power: 10W 

  • Voltage: 110-240V 

  • Light Color: Red, Green, Blue 

  • LED: 6 Ultra Bright LEDs (2 x Red LEDs, 2 x Green LEDs, 2 x Blue LEDs) 

  • Dimensions: 7 * 7 * 6 inches